Source code for meld.system.options

Module to handle options for a MELD run

from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from functools import partial
from typing import Optional

from openmm import unit as u  # type: ignore

from meld.system import montecarlo, temperature

[docs]@partial(dataclass, frozen=True) class RunOptions: runner: str = "openmm" timesteps: int = 5000 minimize_steps: int = 1000 min_mc: Optional[montecarlo.MonteCarloScheduler] = None run_mc: Optional[montecarlo.MonteCarloScheduler] = None use_rest2: bool = False rest2_scaler: Optional[temperature.REST2Scaler] = None param_mcmc_steps: int = 0 mapper_mcmc_steps: int = 0 pressure: u.Quantity = field(default_factory=lambda: 1.0 * def __post_init__(self): if self.runner not in ["openmm", "fake_runner"]: raise ValueError(f"Unknown runner: {self.runner}") if isinstance(self.pressure, u.Quantity): object.__setattr__(self, "pressure", self.pressure.value_in_unit( if self.pressure < 0: raise ValueError("Pressure must be positive") if self.timesteps <= 0: raise ValueError("Timesteps cannot be negative") if self.minimize_steps < 0: raise ValueError("Minimize steps must be positive") if self.param_mcmc_steps < 0: raise ValueError("param_mcmc_steps cannot be negative") if self.mapper_mcmc_steps < 0: raise ValueError("mapper_mcmc_steps cannot be negative")